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Solar Services

With rising power costs and the focus on clean energy, Keid In Electrical is accredited with the Clean Energy Council and we can help with the design, installation and maintenance of Solar PV systems.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your power bills or reduce your impact on the environment, Keid In Electrical can help you find the best Solar PV system to suit your needs.

How about going “off-grid”?  Call us for a free consult on a battery storage solution for your home that can help you manage your power usage or power your home off the grid.

Check the Clean Energy Council website for useful information on your PV System installation.  Keid In Electrical are accredited installers with the Clean Energy Council.

Solar PV installations

Looking for  a clean energy solution or to offset electricity costs:

  • CEC approved installers.
  • Extensive range of panels.
  • Extensive range of inverters.
  • Battery Storage.
  • Hybrid Inverters.
  • Off Grid Installations.
  • Grid Connect Systems.
  • Solar maintenance option.
  • Panel Cleaning.
  • Conversion to battery storage.

Why choose Us

Accredited installers.

Qualified & Insured

Keid In Electrical is registered with the appropriate governing bodies for our trades and carries the appropriate insurances for their purposes.


Keid In Electrical and its employees are required to follow the guidelines and document the Safe Workplace Management practices that we receive from the Master Electricians.  This protects our safety and yours.

Reputation &

Keid In Electrical has longstanding ties with the local Wynnum community.  We’re proud supporters of the a number of local organizations.  At Keid In Electrical, we aim to please our customers because our reputation is critical to our success.


At Keid In Electrical, we can take care of your electrical service needs across a number of areas.  If you need dual trades, we work closely with a number of different trades and so we can still ensure your job is completed correctly with the help of some of our connections.

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